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Homestaging furniture rental

Sell better, sell faster, sell easier.

Furnishing a property on sale increases sell speed and price. We have over 100+ experiences in Switzerland and many references confirming the powerful effect of furnishing a home. Learn more or contact us for references and estimates for your project.


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before after
before after

Our designer

Unlock the potential of a property by staging it with us. An empty home can be challenging to sell or rent. Once staged, the property comes to life and client's are able to envision themselves in the space. Having an interior decorator with 10 years of experience at our disposal allow us to create this powerful effect.

The advantages of homestaging

Ensure a successful sale with furniture and decor

Increase the sale price with home staging

Sell the property much faster than unstaged properties

Our client's success stories

Apartment staged and rented in a week

Apartment staged and rented in a week


Stayed on the market for a year, unstaged

Stayed on the market for a year, unstaged



Sold for higher price

Sold for higher price



Homestaging easier than ever

Audit and plan analyses
1. Audit and plan analyses

We will audit your request in order to prepare a proposal alongside our designer.

Colour and style
2. Colour and style

You can also share your preferences for colour and style.

Furniture loan
3. Furniture loan

We will loan you all the furniture and decor needed for you to create your new home.

Delivery and assembly
4. Delivery and assembly

Don't worry. we've got it covered! We will deliver and assemble all the furniture.

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